Twill Wallcovering Installations Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quotation?

For wallpaper installation help, the easiest method of contact is to email Within a few short questions, we offer an accurate quote based on your exact needs. At this point, we may ask to schedule a site visit, where we will discuss and explore your project further.

If you’re an interior designer or contractor, please feel free to email PDF interior packages.

To discuss your project further, chat with us directly at +1 214 550 7414

How big is your team?

We are a humble company with a focus on excellence in installation and superior customer service. We take the utmost pride in our work. As a result, Khuram Shazad personally oversees all contracts. We will be training apprentices as we grow in the US.

Where are you willing to travel?


How far out are you booked?

We offer wallpaper installation help throughout the year, however, it is always best to contact us. This way, we can discuss your needs and find a suitable date. Our schedule may vary from day-to-day, but our commitment to service means we’ll do our utmost to accommodate your project.

What happens if my wallpaper is installed defectively?

In the event that we provide a defective wallcovering installation, we make repairs or replacements at our expense and as quickly as possible.

In the case of the material itself being defective, we will liaise with the supplier directly. This confirms whether it’s possible to install the material in its current state, or if it requires a replacement.

Some walls receive damage by a tear or a spill after installation. If this is the case, we will do all we can to help with the wall restoration process.

Whatever the reason for the mishaps, our expert wall restoration ensures that we return your walls to their former glory.