Stretch Fabric Wall Covering Materials

Wall Covering Materials: 3 Popular Options

Which wall covering materials should you choose? When it comes to wall coverings, there are numerous options available to you. Budget, requirement and (of course) your personal taste, all play a part in making the right decisions.

Wall Covering Materials and Your Needs

Whether for a luxury home or commercial properties, here at Twill Wallcovering Installations we specialise in the installation of any and all wall covering materials. Some clients may look for the elegant detail of chinoiserie wallpaper; while this silky wall covering may work great in high-end homes, it may not be viable – both in practicality and economically – for a large-scale commercial project.

Before coming to us, many people have an idea of the wallcovering material they’re looking for. However, if you’re still gathering information, this guide gives you the information you need. We’ve compiled a list of popular wall coverings and their materials.


Historically, silk wallpaper was a luxury reserved only for those who could afford it. Having silk on your walls was a display wealth; what better way to show off than a home covered in the exotic material?

In modern times, there are different silk wall covering options available, depending on your budget. While it’s unlikely to come cheap, what you do get is unparalleled quality. In addition, contrary to popular belief, silk is no less durable than regular wallpaper.

However, there are some differences to regular wallpaper in how silk wallpaper is hung. The process is more time consuming, due to the nature of the material. It’s less rigid than paper, and therefore requires additional care when it comes to preventing creases and errors when sealing joins. Many silk wallcoverings will feature a paper back, however, to try and mitigate these risks.

Silk makes a statement either plain or with hand-painted designs, such as this project which used chinoiserie wallpaper. Because silk gives an incredibly intense colour depth, even plain designs mean it’s one of the most sought-after wall covering materials even today.


If you’re looking to make a statement, look no further than suede. A velvet-like aesthetic only adds to the charisma of clever interior design, with many opting for a neutral-coloured suede wall. Pair this with light pastels to give your decor a true “wow” factor.

Whether you’re using real or faux suede – sometimes referred to as “Ultrasuede” – the end effect is stunning. Faux suede is naturally the more cost-effective option. Although it may not quite have the same authenticity, you can still achieve a certain level of sophistication that’s not achievable with regular wallpaper.

Suede wallpaper comes in a variety of thicknesses, just as any other wallpaper. The higher the thickness, the more durable – but more expensive – your wallcovering is.

Suede is no doubt one of the high-end luxury wall covering materials. We’ve been installing it for years, taking care and precision to ensure a perfect result every time.

Stretch Fabric

Stretch fabric wall systems are often installed for their specific acoustic properties. Their composition makes for excellent sound absorption. Not only are they practical, but their fabric finish gives a beautiful aesthetic. Sometimes, they’re chosen wholly for their beautiful designs.

Stretch fabric systems consist of three components: a track, an acoustic core and a fabric finish. This core absorbs up to 90% of sounds, whilst the fabric provides the finished look. With a huge range of fabric designs to choose from in today’s market, there’s no doubting its versatility when it comes to varying interior designs.

In LA, our specialist wallpaper hangers learned how the installation of certain wall covering materials can affect different environments. The reliance of our clients on acoustic perfection, alongside a difficult installation process, means Twill Wallcoverings Installations’ experience covers the length and breadth of stretch fabric wall systems knowledge.

Fabric wallpaper installations come in a range of colours and designs – they can be custom-printed too. The result is a smooth, flawless finish that looks great, and conceals anything behind it.

How We Can Help

From our decades of experience in luxury wall coverings, we’re best-placed to offer you advice on wall covering materials. That’s why you can contact us with any general enquiry, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Looking for a quote? We’ll have a tailored price to you in just 48 hours.