Trove Bedroom and Powder Room

This client seeked an update to their home’s bedroom and powder room. When it comes to luxury wallpaper and wallcoverings, Trove stand out as one of the world’s most Avant-garde designers and manufacturers.

Their unique and beautiful designs sit upon a number of different substrates, including wood veneer. As a result, we’re always proud to work with their product. The expert installation of this detailed turquoise bedroom wallcovering is one we’re extremely proud of.

Moving into the powder room, we see Trove’s unique designs come into full effect. A metallic-like shimmer gives depth, perfectly complementing glistening countertops and solid wood finishes.

The detail in these wallcoverings makes installation a laborious task, but with stunning end results.

Heffel Balango are one of Vancouver’s premier design firms, and we’re therefore always so pleased to work with t.

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