Hand Painted Mural in Silver Leaf

When it comes to installing wallpaper, there are certain projects that require delicate skill and years of experience. When working with hand-painted luxury wallcoverings such as this, attention to detail is everything.

We complete projects like this on a regular basis. For security reasons, however, it’s a rarity to have the chance to photograph them. Thanks to our amazing client, who allowed us to take photos once the work in their home was completed.

Custom-made and hand-painted by the finest artisans in Asia, the technique behind this luxury wallpaper design dates back hundreds of years. It may come as no surprise, that extensive preparation was needed to ensure every aspect of the installation was perfect.  

An arduous installation followed; but, as tough and challenging as it may be, how can we not love our job? Not many people can boast working with pieces of art such as this every day.

Once the wallpaper hanging was complete, there were some final touches to be made. Not by us, but by a local artist, who was brought in to add even more detail to the wallpaper.

There’s no denying that this room will be enjoyed for years to come.