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Maya Romanoff: Twill’s Brand Picks

Welcome to the final article in our series of four luxury wallpaper brands we’re proud to work closely with. Our expert wallcovering installers in London and beyond love to work with the best products, and they don’t come much better than the incredible Maya Romanoff.


Maya Romanoff is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of handmade wallcoverings in the United States. Their incredibly high standards are all driven by one guiding mantra: “Make every wall beautiful!”

Founded by the company’s namesake Maya Romanoff in 1969, for the past 50 years their artists have been finding new and innovative ways to create stunning wallcoverings that uphold only the highest of standards.

Romanoff discovered his inherent passion for dying fabrics and dreaming up wonderful creations, which he was able to realise through his work with his company all the way up until his passing in 2014. Since then, his wife and partner, Joyce, has taken the helm. She’s joined by Maya & Joyce’s second generation, who continue to work by Maya’s mantra.

The Maya Romanoff Standard

Maya Romanoff prize themselves on working above the industry standard – “the Maya standard”. This in itself embodies their culture and how they view every element of their process, from conception and design to the craftsmanship required to take on their often ambitious ideas.

The company’s aim since its conception has been to transform modern design. To do this, they use a combination of ancient artisan techniques and innovative technology. Through this, they’re able to push boundaries and turn the passion of not only their founders, but their entire company, into works of art.

Their company culture is truly one of creativity. Therefore, Maya Romanoff pride themselves on taking their inspiration from the materials themselves. They take great pride and satisfaction into creating masterpieces for their clients. Whether working with wood and vinyl, all the way to gold leaf, no challenge is too big.

Artisans at their work studios around the world hand-paint, inlay and finish tens of thousands of yards of material each and every year. They work closely with their manufacturing partners, to ensure every inch is as it should be.

In addition to these aesthetic aspects of their wallcoverings, they aim to make it easy for flawless installation. This is why our luxury wallpaper hangers love to work with Maya Romanoff products.

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