Interior Wall Coverings Ideas - Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Interior Wall Coverings Ideas for Luxury Homes

Your specific requirements drives the ideas process behind choosing the perfect wallcovering for your home. Struggling to make a choice? Here’s three interior wall coverings ideas for high-end homes and properties.

Here at Twill Wallcovering Installations, we’re no stranger to working in luxury homes with luxury wallpaper brands. Our clients are amongst the most prestigious, which means working in properties that are nothing short of spectacular.

We have over three decades of experience in hanging luxury wallpaper, and we’ve installed countless different styles of wall coverings over the years.

Throughout these years, there have been trends that come and go. Some are fads, while others have genuine appeal and firmly place themselves at the forefront of innovative interior design.

So, which interior wall coverings ideas should you take seriously?

Fabric Wall Coverings

One of the most popular idea for wall coverings is fabric wallpaper.

The main attraction to this style of wallcovering comes from its luxury appearance and distinct character. To add depth to your interior, fabric wallpaper is noticeably higher quality than a regular wallpaper.

There are a number of different styles in today’s market, ranging from plain-coloured to more elaborate designs. You can also choose a thickness that works with your home’s needs, giving you full control.

The texture of fabric wallcoverings mean they’re perfect for contrasting against smoother surfaces within a home. This could be a contrast with smooth and hard walls, or against minimalist furniture made of glass or marble. Its natural-looking style also complements wooden textures perfectly.

Silk Wallpaper

When you think of silk, luxury is a thought that’s never far behind. It’s steeped in history, stories of romance, and now it’s making its way into luxury homes; and for good reason.

In days gone by, silk was a way to portray your wealth and make a statement. The latter is still as true as it ever was. Old stately homes can still be seen draped in age-worn silk.

Whilst you may not desire the dated look such as this, a new silk wallpaper is on of the most popular interior wall coverings ideas at the moment. It’s made its way around and is back in fashion, and is showing all signs of being a trend that’s here to stay.

Similar to a fabric wallcovering, you can opt for a plain silk or go all-out with a hand-painted silk mural. Either of these give your home a bespoke edge to its interior design. It’s the height of luxury, and is certainly worth considering.

Chinoiserie Wallpaper

One leading brand in the world of chinoiserie wallpaper is Fromental. Their range of chinoiserie designs are rightly regarding as some of the most desirable wall coverings in the world.

Chinoiserie wallpaper has been prominent in interior design since the late 17th Century. Many associate their unique designs with the skills and craftsmanship that’s required to create their truly authentic designs.

Both printed and painted by hand, chinoiserie wallpaper originates from China and features delicate detail in every inch. Their exotic use of colour makes for a memorable décor. The design of chinoiserie often features tall foliage and animals such as birds, and occasionally humans.

Eclectic in its aesthetics and stunning in its quality, chinoiserie is last but certainly not least when it comes to our ideas for interior wall coverings.

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