de Gournay Rousseau wallpaper

de Gournay: Twill’s Brand Picks

The first in a four-part series, in this edition of Offcuts we take a deeper look into our top suppliers. We delve into how they’ve conquered the industry, including some of our top picks from their most recent collections. Firstly, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about legendary wallcovering brand, de Gournay.


For over 30 years, de Gournay is a brand that leads the way in luxury and expert workmanship. Founded by Claud Cecil Gurney in 1986, the brand’s popularity pays testament to its quality.

Gurney’s work began when his family home’s antique wallpaper found itself in a state of disrepair. The solution? Utilise his craftsmanship and unique skills to beautifully restore the wallpaper back to its former glory.

Since then, this brand has epitomised luxury in its hand-painted wallpaper collections.

The de Gournay Signature Style

Much of de Gournay’s inspiration comes from the Far East. 18th century traditions, such as traditional Chinoiserie wallpaper, feature heavily throughout their work.

de Gournay’s work heavily references oriental style. It perfectly embodies the style that was so prevalent in wealthy homes in centuries gone by.

In addition to these ornamental and exotic styles, de Gournay specialise in 19th century Papiers Peints Panoramiques. This style is a popular choice, featuring in some of the world’s most prestigious properties. In addition, they produce simple yet stunning patterned wallpaper, perfect for any decor.

Every inch of their wallpaper and fabric is hand-painted, with some collections taking over 100 hours of exquisite craftsmanship to form. That’s for just one single panel.

Here at Twill, we have the honour of partnering with many of the world’s most luxury wallpaper brands. Supreme quality, awe-inspiring creativity and a dedicated one-of-a-kind team. Furthermore, these ingredients come together to create wallpaper with supreme quality and awe-inspiring creativity. There’s no better way to describe this wallpaper brand; in summary, they’re irrefutably one of the world’s pioneers in the industry.

Our Top Picks

de Gournay Rousseau wallpaper
de Gournay “Rousseau”
de Gournay Saint Laurent Wallpaper
de Gournay “Saint Laurent”
Amethyst Pineapple Damask - "Butterflies" Wallpaper
Amethyst Pineapple Damask – “Butterflies”